Refection on TEA and Decide!!!


Choose your option and imagine yourself.

Are you a Tea Lover Or Coffee?


 tea bharuka Let us assume tea.
Now, which tea? What are the options for me in tea?

 Simple Black tea or with lemon, Ginger tea or cardamom, Green tea or Typical Indian Masala tea.

 4823-black-tea-side-effects  ginger  lemon-tea-250x250
 cardimom  green tea  vegan-masala-chai-5

Don’t you think we need some snacking with our tea? But what?

May be I will prefer tea-and-biscuits ONE

What you would like to have with your cup?

Some Rusk? stock-photo-rusk-a-type-of-sweetened-biscuit-174581483 Or Some? 






Or…  chai sutta

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Marriage… Lovely Relationship



This blog is an inspiration from a post made by my husband on our anniversary where he wrote “I don’t have much to say… because it’s all about felling can’t express in word… All I can say love u lot…” . Can understand that it’s not easy to give words to our thought and also was happy to see this post, naturally any wife will be. what say?

After going through the post was thinking what should I say? Being an artist I would like to used my tool to express my feeling, my love, me and you. May be in many places many wives can relate them self with this blog. Continue reading “Marriage… Lovely Relationship”

Distinctly Able is Disability…

I was very excited and anxious, I bought some chocolates along with some sweets for distribution, was very happy because going somewhere. Where was I going? Why was I happy? Sweets for distribution! Was it my birthday? Did I achieve something big? Am I going to meet my close friend? And the answer to the entire above question was a big ‘NO’, and then what was the reason for my excitement and my anxiousness? Continue reading “Distinctly Able is Disability…”


download (1)

Hi all, this is Smriti Rai spending a lot of days on just deciding, what should be my first blog all about and here I came up with the only answer i.e. “FRIENDSHIP”.  Talking about friends, I would like you all to know, what actually Friendship or generically called “DOSTI” is? Continue reading “Friendship”

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