Distinctly Able is Disability…

I was very excited and anxious, I bought some chocolates along with some sweets for distribution, was very happy because going somewhere. Where was I going? Why was I happy? Sweets for distribution! Was it my birthday? Did I achieve something big? Am I going to meet my close friend? And the answer to the entire above question was a big ‘NO’, and then what was the reason for my excitement and my anxiousness?

It was a normal day for all but not for me because I was going to meet someone very special. I was rolling down to school with my aunty, who is a special educator. Reached school with full of energy. I went inside, where everyone was attending the morning assembly, found some students on wheel chair, some standing awkwardly, some on stretcher, some were tied in holder, some with uneven body structure like thin legs and heavy upper body who cannot walk or talk, some with saliva rolling down their mouth to neck and then to the body. First thought, which came to my mind was “Oh god where did i arrived?” and “why is this attendant not cleaning the Childs saliva?”

Honestly after seeing these, I was scared and started severing. Falling to understand what I am going through, my overloaded excitement changed my thought to return back to home.

Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name, it was my aunty, who called me and introduced me to her school and it’s units. I was in a dilemma i.e. either I should stay or should leave, because I have never seen all this before. Somehow, I convinced myself to stay with them little longer and empathies with them and to my surprise I made myself very comfortable and got intermingled with them very quickly. I realized major problem with them is in expressing themselves which is the base of any communication. Disable is a state of mind and body. In a much broader term you can define disability as impairment, activity limitation and restriction and many more. 

It was aunty, who explained me everything about them, which filled my heart with lots of emotions and sympathy for them, her words eased my pain a lot and I understood their situation. Soon after I was very comfortable with them and we all started playing, dancing, took some basic arithmetic class, painting, music and what not all together. Within a while I felt so close to them, as we know each other from years, they showered immense love and affection towards me.

We can say inner strength of CEREBRAL PALSY children is too high. They know that they are different from others. They change their insecurities to their toughness. Anything with that hardiness they prove themselves in many places in many fields. They embrace the truth and world changes for them which we the common people think very hard to do. MENTALLY RETARDED children are trained properly for doing their routine job which help them to lead a normal social life. This training is important for welfare of them so as for others. And what I should say about an AUTISM children, they are the beautiful creation, who enjoy in their own world with no worries around them and of course with the outstanding IQ and talents in many fields like painting, singing, dancing and many more. They have their own way to represent them self, you cannot force them to do anything, which they are not willing to do.

After meeting, laughing, playing and spending a lot of time with them my sympathy for them got converted to respect. Being a part of society it’s our responsibility to come forward and play our roles i.e. instead of giving sympathy for such children and their parents, treat them with respect and dignity, as they are human with challenges, not mad. They also have feeling, love and affection should be shared, as we do and yes they deserve it. 

Why should only few recognized organization or government need to act for welfare of them, indeed it’s the duty of each and every one of us to identify these challenges and treat them with lot of love, care and protection. Many corporate sectors have taken steps to help them by placing them forward. Even government has started to subsidies these people and provides many benefits to them, which can be availed by just creating a disable certificate in any near hospital.

Dear friends my blog is just to share a part of life and an attempt to reach my readers that we are blessed enough to use the sources and spread the information which can be helpful to anyone who need.

Lastly disable doesn’t mean not being able it is something like “Distinctly Able”.


with Lovely cute children


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