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This blog is an inspiration from a post made by my husband on our anniversary where he wrote “I don’t have much to say… because it’s all about felling can’t express in word… All I can say love u lot…” . Can understand that it’s not easy to give words to our thought and also was happy to see this post, naturally any wife will be. what say?

After going through the post was thinking what should I say? Being an artist I would like to used my tool to express my feeling, my love, me and you. May be in many places many wives can relate them self with this blog.

Mariner’s wife story…

Leading a life of mariner’s wife is not an easy task. We have to deal with various things alone, at the same time, being today’s girl,  it’s not a challenge to deal with, but am sure all will agree emotionally there situations when we need our partners by our side. Yes or No? We miss them too much specially on some occasion or special dates like birthday, anniversary, festival of colors, festival of light, Christmas, eid and many more and for celebrating them, husbands are not with us, this though itself reduce our joy to celebrate. Well it’s not in anyone’s  hand as it is the call of profession and at last we mostly end up telling “thik hai kya kar sakte hai” (It’s ok what can be done). But when we are together we just rock the occasions like never before and never after.

Back to topic

Lucky me…

My dear I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Our love is rare, we aren’t a perfect couple, we don’t have stories like in fairy tale. May be the call to whisper sweet something aren’t made as often. May be the surprise that once meant so much are no more important now….But I must say we’ve come upon the bumps in the road of life together and yet worked past it…. we’ve had our own little tantrums which is very common. I never knew that love could be so wonderful and sweet, that could make my life so complete and dreams come true.

Love for me…


Love is what I feel each time you smile or touch my hand. how we know each other’s thoughts and understand. It is the special magic that happens when we’re together.

Love is the erotic desire taking us into a world of our own. It is the engrossment of every seconds, every moment, every hour with u.

Love is opening gate when u come back home and chatting about whole day.

Love is receiving gifts from you, of course being wife I love it. Butterflies fluttering in the tummy the moment…

Love is long drive smooth and speedy. Love is watching movies with u. Love is sleepless nights when you are on sailing and I am crying for your presence holding pillow.

Love is waiting for phone calls for days and after receiving call talking nothing other than “aur?”(what else) , Love is Quarreling with you on nothing, it is possessive, wild, mad and crazy kind of expressions.

Love is the silent link between heart and mind and the silver thread that ties two souls together and that’s you and me.


Fairly I  learnt LOVE from you.  I never Knew what true love was. I learnt, we don’t need to search love in anything big like hot air balloon dates, vacation every time, parting whole night but it lies in small things like offering glass of water, remaining out of room whole afternoon so that I can sleep well, although being a deep sleeper wake up every now and then just to check whether I need something when I am ill, asking for do I need anything every time going out, we can find it in very little things like share and care. We are totally different from each other so different that north pole for me is south to u. Sun rise for me is sun set for you. No one is perfect can’t be but still respect and value each other and appreciate.

I love that you’ve helped me discover how beautiful life can be when you’re with the right person- as I know finding you has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes I wish, we could have met sooner, because then we’d have even more happy memories of our life together- more memories of you-and-me times that I already hold in my heart…

With you my good time become better and tough time easier to bear, now can’t imagine what life would be without you.

All I want to say…

I just wanted to express myself and show how love give our life a new color to wear and enjoy. I couldn’t wish more than to be with you through all the years to be, I couldn’t ask for more in life, than to have you as my best in the lifetime to be. Anniversary is a day for me but what I want to celebrate is the way our love is growing every day.



                        “Red is the color marriage scarves,

                                                            so as color of vermilion,

                                                                         red is color of heart and rose,                        

                                                                                    red is the symbol of love.”


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