Refection on TEA and Decide!!!


Choose your option and imagine yourself.

Are you a Tea Lover Or Coffee?


 tea bharuka Let us assume tea.
Now, which tea? What are the options for me in tea?

 Simple Black tea or with lemon, Ginger tea or cardamom, Green tea or Typical Indian Masala tea.

 4823-black-tea-side-effects  ginger  lemon-tea-250x250
 cardimom  green tea  vegan-masala-chai-5

Don’t you think we need some snacking with our tea? But what?

May be I will prefer tea-and-biscuits ONE

What you would like to have with your cup?

Some Rusk? stock-photo-rusk-a-type-of-sweetened-biscuit-174581483 Or Some? 






Or…  chai sutta

Well whatever you like just get arranged as we are going to start soon.

Are you ready?

Do I need to wait some more…?

Ok Now hold your cup and move to your favourite location, Window or Balcony or Terrace or In front of T.V or anywhere where you feel calm relax or comfortable.

Isn’t it interesting friends? 

Did you reach? Are you comfortable?

OK let’s start. Usually I don’t prefer to have tea in my daily routine life, but some time I use to crave to have something in my drink from lists of things. Like…

 X01060507_moroccanminttea_1  Cup of tea  41f77734f8ab94c7eae102020241332a--basil-tea-mint-tea
Mint tea Cumin seed tea Tulsi tea


While sitting with all and enjoying my hot mug and gala time, which is my favourite time. A though strike to mind why not to talk with you all and ask your favourite tea time, your tea thoughts?

 tea thoughts.png

Tea cup plays a magical role in anyone’s life. It became reason for creative poetry, turn into innovative thoughts, business planning and implementation, awesome painting for painters; inspire many to do something in life and achieve goal. Hot tea cup gives motivation to musician for great music and singers for incredible rhythm. I guess all must have seen the special business effect of tea stall outside of court or lawyer office. Tea cup is the excuse to share great thoughts with great mind.

Many have their own reason and way to enjoy their cup. Some love to have within important discussion. It may find us funny but have also come across some, for whom it is a morning body system cleanser.

 For me…

Thoughts are like butterflies which fly far and wide while having tea. Forgives and forget relationship, go easy, constructive captive, smile and Joy is contagious. This is where we dream of reality, truth, the faith in. Thoughts, emotion, action play hide and seek.

Tea works wonderful for me in headache, stress realise. I love to enjoy with nature by sitting in balcony. It works like stimulator and reducing drowsiness. Sometime I simply enjoy the heat of the mug and enjoy the silence mind and reflection of self and lazybones. Boosts my mind and brain and give instant alertness, relaxation, sharpness, initiative.

I believe and have also noticed above are the reason for recent hike in cafe culture in every corner of city.


Have we ever though that why this tea time is so essential for our day today components? Is this the illusions or we seriously need it? Are we asking for the caffeine which has stronger effect on people or the mind set which we get after having tea or asking for the moment and peace we spent while having it? What make us active to fight with our drowsiness after having tea? Answer’s for these depends each individual as all have their own opinion.

Well what I feel when we are tired, we’re restricting our mind to accept any source of incoming due to which we feel overloaded, which are the cause for body ache, headache, drowsiness and to lighten up our self we consume tea/coffee, and at that time when caffeine enter our body, which lead to increase our heart rate and blood flow rate increases, which is the source for energy for extra few hours but it won’t restore or consolidation of memories that a proper sound sleep/rest provides. This is what I feel but I may be wrong.

 Google says…

While surfing net came across, Tea has many health benefits like reducing arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Removing free radical from body. Reducing risk of blood clot and hardening of arteries, reduce heart problem. Protects against cancer, improves immunity and fight depression. Control bad cholesterol level.

Friends as we know every coin has two sides, same is with tea. Along with benefits we are gifted with plenty of disadvantage of tea like stain your teeth, Nervousness, Shakiness, Anxiety, People don’t realize that their body is intolerance to caffeine, Hurt/damage our body ability to absorb iron, Harmful for cholesterol problem, Restless, Upset stomach, Gastro problem, Problem with sleeping, Diabetic, High Blood pressure, Liver disease, Fertility.

Don’t you think we have heavy weight on disadvantage side?

I am confident enough that many are confused from the flow of my blog at this stage and I am here to tell you the reason why so? You are not clear with, what I am trying to do by first asking you prepare tea and enjoy it, followed with advantages and now with such a list of disadvantage.

Look, I know tea has become very essential part of everyone life and we cannot avoid it completely but what we could do is limit the consumption, search alternative healthy energy drinks which work equally or even better, plenty of options are available in market. The only thing we require is open up eyes and intend to avoid tea.

Scientists has proved that thoughts developed while having drink affects our happiness and on every organs and cells of body. Researchers have also supported that positive or happy thoughts and intension bring beneficial energies into our living environment and what around us.

Healthy life is wealthy life which came from habits. Small baby step habits will lead to save a lot of hospital tour. We generally ignore and neglect these small actions….

I am leavening the decision on you to decide what is good for you.

Do you still want to drink tea regularly or want alternative? Let me know your reason to  have tea and share your tea thoughts in the comments below!


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