Fine evening with a cup of tea, sipping and enjoying friends blog and thinking to write of my own. I want to create my own blog site. While I was analysing  about my writing on very next day my father-in-law inspired me to write my own blog by showing an article of different blogger. Writing blog was not an easy task for me because expressing something in words is not less then a challenge for anyone. I pondered and decided to let’s give it a try.

Hello friends, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Well said by Jonathan Swift. Welcome to “Thousand Vision of Life” is a place for all readers to connect themselves to site. Here we will be going through every aspects of life happiness, sorrow, social responsibilities, spirituality, work and so on. Each aspect of life will tell us to keep our dream alive and provide our version of vision to life.

Being a mariner’s wife and persuade Master in computer application life was always on a exciting point for me. life alone and then togetherness with partner is always roller coaster and honestly being fun and adventure lover, boosts my confidence to handle any situation in life.

Life is all about inspiration, attitude, dreams, success and of course failure. so receive it… get up… and go….              

Join me in the drive, will love the company in the journey to explore what lies under any stone.

Enjoy reading…


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